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LAN Speed Test v3
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1/25/2015 - LAN Speed Test v3.5 is released - Windows 8 fixes, Network Scan fix, other features and bug fixes
3/22/2014 - Calc4All v3.0 released for Windows & Mac OSX - Major update! Rebuilt User Interface, and much more
7/20/2013 - LAN Speed Test (Lite) v1.3 released - Huge Update!
12/12/2012 - LAN Speed Test v3.4 is released - Continuous Mode changes, RTT logged, and more
12/06/2012 - LAN Speed Test v3.3 is released - Bug fix and Help routine overhaul. Click here for details
11/20/2012 - LAN Speed Test v3.2 is released - Email results!! Also, some bug fixes.
10/24/2012 - LAN Speed Test v3.1 is released - Bug fix
10/20/2012 - LAN Speed Test v3.0 is released - Huge update!  Now choose between Avg, Max, and Min throughputs, Simultaneous streams, Auto repeat, Command line mode with all options available, and much more - click on link for more information
10/11/2012 - LST Server v1.3 released - Bug Fix - One caused the write results from LAN Speed Test to be inaccurate (slower)
9/12/2012 - LST Server v1.2 released - Supports new features coming in LAN Speed Test (v3)
9/11/2012 - LAN Speed Test (Lite) released- LAN Speed Test v1 has been updated and re-named as (Lite)
12/05/2011 - LAN Speed Test becomes the official speed testing software at
12/05/2011 - Forum is available again!  Thanks to for hosting it for us
10/03/2011 - LAN Speed Test v2.0.8 released - Binary Display Mode Option Added (1MB = 1,048,576)
9/24/2011 - LAN Speed Test v2.0.7 released - Huge efficiency and feature update!
9/24/2011 - LAN Speed Test v1.1.7 released - Huge efficiency update to the free version of LAN Speed Test!
8/24/2011 - All downloads are now direct links instead of going through CNet's
6/29/2011 - LAN Speed Test v2.0.6 released - Another big update with most of the latest requests implemented!  Also, all known (rare) timer issues have been fixed
6/29/2011 - LAN Speed Test v1.1.6 released - Updated with current timer routine from v2.0.6 plus more
6/24/2011 - Forum removed (kept getting bombarded by spammers) and replaced with FAQs
2/22/2011 - LAN Speed Test v2.05 released - Huge update including network scanning!
2/22/2011 - LAN Speed Test v1.1.5 released - New help and other updates
2/21/2011 - LST Server v1.1 released - New logging options
1/05/2011 - Calc4All v2.9 released - (previously EnCalc)
10/28/2010 - LAN Speed Test v2.04 released
10/15/2010 - Calc4All v2.8 released - Big Update!
10/1/2010 - LAN Speed Test v1.1.3 released - Free Version
9/24/2010 - LST Server Just Released!  This #1 featured request allows for LAN Speed Tests to LST Server - all from memory - no hard drives involved (More accurate results due to hard drive limitations)
9/24/2010 - LAN Speed Test v2.03 released
7/19/2010 - LAN Speed Test v2.02 released
6/28/2010 - Forum is up
6/26/2010 - New Website Launched
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