Version History of LAN Speed Test   (A=Added, B=Bug fix, C=Change)

3.5 (01/25/15)
- Seventeenth Public Release
B - Finally found and eliminated the Network Scan Bug - this bug affected certain processors under certain situations, and caused
     the Network Scan to never finish
B - Fixed screen size issues and fonts for Windows 8 and above
B - Folder or Server IP was limited to 32 chars - now unlimited
A - Running LAN Speed Test from Command Line /D2 (Just Status Bars) or /D3 (Silent) now suppresses all errors (no longer waits
     for an acknowledgement from the user - just log it, if required, and continue)
C - Wait Time between tests is now 1-3600 seconds instead of 1-60 seconds
A - Add read and write times to Log
C - Update clear cache routine - much faster

3.4 (12/12/12) -
Sixteenth Public Release
C - When in continuous mode, and there is an error on the current test, do not wait for an acknowledgement from the user - just
      log it and continue
C - When in continuous mode, and there is an error on the current test, do not end the current job - just log it, and continue
B - When email notifications set to below xxxxx - Errors were not always triggering the system to send an email alert - now they are
A - Add status to Email & Print Out
A - Add RTT (Round Trip Time to LST Server) to log

3.3 (12/06/12) -
Fifteenth Public Release
B - The new config screens introduced in v3.2 were not high dpi aware causing some options to not be visible when using larger
      fonts, higher dpi settings, etc.
C - Help routines completely overhauled - now supports Rich Text for easier viewing
C - Spaces were sometimes being copied over when using copy/paste for registering and would result in invalid registration.  Spaces
     are now ignored.

3.2 (11/20/12) - Fourteenth Public Release
A - Ability to email results with built in SMTP mail client.  Results can be emailed manually when pressing the button, automatically
      after each test, or only when results are below your setpoint.
A - Added the new Email feature to Command Line options
B - 'Log File' option always started enabled intead of honoring the last used setting
B - In certain situations, LAN Speed Test would not automatically log results - even with 'Log File' enabled
C - Help updated with new features

3.1 (10/24/12) - Thirteenth Public Release
B - In certain situations (Win7 to Win7 shared folder), the timer would stop after the packet was sent to the local cache instead of
      the drive's cache.  This would cause the write results and throughputs to show a lot faster than it should.
B - In certain situations (Win7 to Win7 shared folder), the last packet being read was already cached and would cause the read
      results and max throughput to show faster than it should.

3.0 (10/20/12) -
Twelfth Public Release
A - Ability to view avg, max, & min test results
A - Ability to test with simultaneous multiple streams (Up to 25 with LST Server and up to 2 when testing to a folder)
A - Ability to automatically re-start test (with programmable wait times between tests) for 1-24 hours or until manually stopped
A - GBit (Gbps & GBps) labels and calculations
A - Option to bypass drive's write caching during tests.
A - Packet counter on the status screen
A - Drop down edit box at 'Folder or Server IP' to remember last 9 entries
A - 'Check for update' link on help screen
A - 'Check for update online at startup' option
A - Running from Command Line now supports all testing options!
A - Each test begins with a Latency (RTT) measurement and displayed along with other new details in debug window for advanced
A - Cut/Copy/Paste/Select All/Delete/Edit Note hot key support in 'View Log' window
A - '# of Data Streams' and 'Test Status' fields added to log
C - LAN Speed Test does not keep individual settings based on MAC address anymore.  Now there is only one group of common
      settings.  Previously you had to set up each client manually.  Now you set it up once, and all tests from all clients will default
      that way.  If you need individual control for certain computers, you can do this from the updated command line interface, and
      this will override any default settings.
C - Change right click options in view log ('Select All', 'Clear Selection', 'Copy With Headers', 'Copy Without Headers', and removed
      'Copy All')
C - Log file - all fields are now SQL compatible.  This allows for easy import into SQL Server, MySql, etc.
C - 'Number of Test Packets' max increased to 1,000
C - Test filename (when testing to folder) now consists of random numbers and test number so that there can be multiple tests done
      to one folder at the same time
C - Fixed the timeout issues with slower WAN connections.  Timeout occurred if a packet took longer than 5 seconds to
      send/receive.  The new logic allows up to 60 seconds.
A - High DPI aware in Windows 7
B - Fixed minor display issues in Windows 7
B - Fix debug mode displaying write speed twice instead of write speed then read speed
C - Updated Logging, Printing, Open/Save, debug, and help routines to support all the new features

2.0.8 (10/03/11) -
Eleventh Public Release
A - Option to switch between Binary Mode (1MB = 1,048,576) and Decimal Mode (1MB = 1,000,000) that affects results
      as well as building of the test file
C - Minor changes and updates
C - Help file updated

2.0.7 (09/22/11) - Tenth Public Release
A - HUGE!! LAN Speed Test now builds the large test files on the fly in 1 MB chunks instead of the whole thing at once.
      Now you can test with test packets up To 9 GB in size and LAN Speed Test will still only take a maximum of 10 MB of
      your RAM!  This works when testing to a shared folder or to the LST Server.
C - Cancel is very responsive now on all data transfers
C - All Network Scan info (Name & Notes) is now saved by MAC address instead of IP address since IP addresses
      are not always static
A - Name is now editable in Network Scan
A - Sort by columns is now supported in Network List and Log View
B - 'Folder or Network IP' can now be over 30 characters in Log View (this was causing Log View display to be empty)
C - Log file is now a .csv file instead of a .txt file
B - If you closed the log window with the 'X' - you could have lost changes to the Log file without warning
C - All results are now correctly displayed as decimal instead of binary (i.e. 1 MB = 1,000,000 instead of 1,048,576)
C - Progress display is more responsive and displays more information
A - Add network card information to debug window
A - Add Windows 7 & Server 2008 information to debug window
C - All Network Scan info is now saved in LST_Settings.ini instead of it's own file
C - Printing routine updated
A - Display results after each packet and between write/reads
A - Can log results even when cancelled or errored out - adding 'Cancelled...' or 'Error...' in the comment
A - Added status and date to debug window
C - Changed the way the 'Test Packet Size' is adjusted to a scrollbar
C - Minor bug fixes and internal updates
C - Help file updated

2.0.6 (06/25/11) -
Ninth Public Release
      This version fixes all known timer issues!
C - New high precision Timer routine - no longer dependent on LAN Speed Test calculating the processor speed.  This was
      causing some issues in very rare situations
A - Automatically downgrades to a compatible Timer if your hardware does not support the high precision Timer (most do)
A - New log view window with ability to edit logs and add notes
C - Packet sizes can now be as low as 2KB for testing slow wireless networks - previous minimum was 1MB
A - Ability to add notes to the Network List (for IP descriptions, etc.)
A - Added option to automatically populate 'Folder or Server IP' from Network List
C - Network List Window can now stay open while doing tests, etc.
C - Removed unregistered restrictions from Network List
C - Lots more backend information fed to the Debug Window
A - Added some more help information (What's New,FAQ, Errors, etc.)
C - Some UI enhancements
C - Minor bug fixes and internal updates

2.0.5 (02/22/11)
- Eighth Public Release
A - Network Scan (lets you see all other computers/devices that are on your network) with the ability to Ping test to any of them
C - Logging has been re-vamped.  Now logs are kept in table format
A - New log view window
A - More communication options added with LST Server allowing for better logging, etc. on the server end (Requires
       LST Server v.1.1 or greater)
A - Debug Window added giving a behind the scenes look for advanced troubleshooting
A - Added more options for 'Folder or Server IP:' i.e. \\\files (see help for details)
A - Update Help with detailed instructions for 'Folder or Server IP:'
A - Added more details to error windows
B - Last used 'Folder or Server IP:' did not always get saved in .ini file when typed in manually
C - Code cleaned and optimized for even smaller/faster executable
C - Minor bug fixes and internal updates

2.0.4 (10/28/10)
- Seventh Public Release
A - Display processor speed
A - Advanced Configuration Screen for fine tuning the network tests
C - Updated the routine that calculates the processor speed
B - Fixed window dimensions for Windows 2003 Server
C - Numerous internal updates
C - Help File updated

2.0.3 (9/23/10)
- Sixth Public Release
A - Added support for LST Server (Test Client to Server (LAN or WAN) network speed without limitations of hard drives)
     * LST Server is an add-on available at
C - Timer has now been greatly enhanced for more accurate results!
     The resolution used to be 1/100th of a second.  Now the resolution is actaully the frequency of your processor.
     A 3 Ghz processor means a resolution of 1/3,000,000,000th of a second!  This allows for super fast network measurement
     speeds - especially with the new LST Server option
A - Added ability to change packet size (1-100MB) in .ini file (advanced users only)
A - Added logging capability
C - Command Line Mode much more user friendly (/D /S /SS)
C - Scheduling runs now an option with logging and new Command Line format
B - Misc small bug fixes
C - Help File updated with new features

2.0.2 (7/19/10)
- Fifth Public Release
A - Added /SS switch (Super Silent - no progress bars or dialog boxes)
C - Cleaned up some code (Filesize is actually smaller - now 100KB!)

2.0.1 (7/12/10)
- Fourth Public Release
B - On very fast transfer rates, bit calcuations were so high that the results went into scientific mode and would show
     negative (Thanks John!)

2.0.0 (6/17/10)
- Third Public Release
C - Completely re-written (much faster and more accurate way to measure)
     Most tests are done in less than 1 minute
C - New GUI - Very user friendly
A - New window that displays progress bar and allows user to cancel at any time
A - New Open/Save option to .csv file
A - Individual profiles automatically saved to .ini file to remember all settings
A - Selectable Speed Measurements
A - MAC address is now displayed and used for individual profiles
A - Command Line Mode (Allows network administrators to start the test from the client's workstation and view the automatically
     generated .csv file from anywhere on the network)
A - Added help for all functions
A - Helpful network tips
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